Saturday, July 27, 2019

Christian Pastor defeats Atheist experience show host Matt Dillahunty in epic debate

Atheist Experience show host Matt Dillahunty loses debate to Pastor.  98% of people surveyed said Pastor Cliffe won..

Many of you have emailed us here at Debates On Video asking us to review this debate.  So here are the results of the debate and we will also talk about the reason 98% of the viewers of this video are saying the Atheist Experience Show host lost this debate.   So let's start out with the debate topic.
Notice the debate topic is "Does God Exist?"   It is not "Prove God exists".  It is not "Prove God doesn't exist."
   Rather the topic is Neutral in that it demands both parties of the Debate "Pastor Cliffe and the loser of this debate Matt Dillahunty with the atheist experience show, bring arguments for their side of the debate.  So when we look at Pastor Cliffe's arguments everybody agrees that he does indeed bring arguments for the debate.  He brings arguments showing that God exists.
    The trouble for Matt Dillahunty begins when he opens up his mouth but no arguments "against" God existing come forth.  Rather where Matt Dillahunty errors in that he continues to claim "he doesn't believe that God exists" but maybe he forgot about the debate topic?  Maybe he doesn't have any arguments against God's existence?    So if you were to get a sheet of paper and put all the arguments For God's existence (that Pastor Cliffe did bring up) and then put all the arguments against God's existence (For which Matt Dillahunty didn't bring up any against God's existence) it becomes painfully obvious (if you are an atheist) that not only did Pastor Cliffe win this debate but it becomes very pleasant (if you are a Christian) to admit that Pastor Cliffe won the debate while Matt Dillahunty lost the debate.  Perhaps Dillahunty should have "Hunted" for some arguments against God before the debate?.
    As many of you know debates have rules.  You must bring arguments for your side (in which Cliffe did but Matt D. Didn't) and you must debunk your opponents arguments (in which Matt didn't address any of Pastor Cliffe's arguments) and since Matt Dillahunty Didn't bring any arguments against God's existence.  100% of the debate goes to Pastor Cliffe.  We are surprised that even 2% said Matt Dillahunty won but we assume these are Matt's friends who are atheists and not objective.  Nevertheless 98% is a majority and The Atheist Experience Show loses this debate to Pastor Cliffe.  You can subscribe to the winner of this debate at His Youtube Channel here.