Thursday, January 28, 2016

Antony Flew atheist (He later admits God exists on video) vs Dr. William Lane Craig

This debate was done before Antony Flew left atheism.  If you look for a video by Lee Strobel he actually interviews the late great Flew right before he dies and Flew admits that there has to be a God for all this order and design in the world.  This confession shocked the atheist community and many atheists denied it saying it was a theistic rumor that was started but when video was produced all atheists could do was admit that he left atheism and admitted God does exist.  

UPDATE: We believe Flew left atheism after debating extremely intelligent theists like Dr. William Lane Craig.  Flew had a deep respect for his wisdom and kindness and respect during their debates and many believe this made Flew look closer at what his Christian opponent was stating.  Sure enough Flew eventually admitted that there is a God.

Austin Dacey vs Dr. William Lane Craig

Austin Dacey can have his cake and eat it too in this debate folks.  However Dr. William Lane Craig walks away with an easy win here as he defeats the "cake obsessing" Austin Dacey.  In a very weird debate (this is why we like it! never boring with these debates) the atheist tries to say that because there is no cake in the kitchen therefore God doesn't exist lol.  I am not making this up folks.

Viewers of this debate are saying Dacey is guilty of Strawman syndrome big time in this debate.  Dacey talks about an imaginary cake someone said they are going to bake but if you don't see broken egg shells and you don't smell cake there is no cake.   The audience seems to laugh a bit through this debate but I think it is at...Dacey not ..with...Dacey.  Rather than give arguments against God's existence Dacey is guilty of the strawman argument.  Craig wins this one.

UPDATE: Craig and Dacey get along great and debated again and this time Dacey left his Betty Crocker cake mix at home lol.  I think he his learning from his past debates that "The cake makes him lose."

Christopher Hitchens vs Dr. William Lane Craig

When Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Craig met it was like the top Christian debater vs the top atheist debater.  During Hitchens opening comments he was entertaining and great to listen to.  Same thing with Dr. Craig.  However it all falls apart for Hitchens when he starts running from Dr. Craigs question.   Even Commonsenseatheism (An atheist blog) admits Craig won this debate.  In a brilliant move Craig gets Hitchens to admit either he is agnostic or atheist.
     Hitchens trys to run from the question but Craig goes in for the kill and finally pins Hitchens down when Hitchens says he is atheist and God can't exist.  In that moment Hitchens made a truth claim and now has to back it up.  This is where Craig takes control of the debate and Hitchens hits the mat for the knock out punch.  Atheists were very upset at Hitchens failure to bring arguments to this debate.  It seems like Craig was prepared for the debate but Hitchens spent most of his time talking bad about Islam and other things which wasn't even the topic of the debate.  Craig wins this one.

UPDATE: After this debate Richard Dawkins began to cower from any 1 vs 1 debate with Craig.  Even Sam Harris has stated that and we quote him "Dr. Craig has put the fear of God into some of my atheist colleagues".

Atheist vs Christian Micky vs Shockofgod

As always ShockofGod vs Atheist debates are very entertaining.  ShockofGod has stated that "Debates need to be more entertaining to attract the masses".  We think of ShockofGod as the John McEnroe of debaters as he brings a lot of audience to his debates.  In this debate Micky says he is an atheist but during the debate he switches to being an agnostic.  Micky and ShockofGod have a great back and forth as the moderator of the debate let's them go at it.  Another classic debate moment.

Christopher Hitchens admits he lost debate to John Lennox

In a very humble fashion atheist Christopher Hitchens gets candid on video and admits that he could not prove that his atheism was true.  He then goes on to admit that John Lennox bested him in debate.  On top of that Hitchens talks about how they had an audience vote and the audience also agreed Hitchens lost and Lennox won.  In the video you can see the kindness that both Lennox felt for Hitchens and Hitchens felt for Lennox.    A rare video but a classic never the less.

Another "Gotcha" moment in debate this time by an audience member!

In this classic moment in debate a woman asks the atheist how he could believe atheism is true if he admits he has no evidence showing it's true?  In a weird twist the atheist admits he can't prove that his atheism is true but then he says "I am not claiming God doesn't exist".   It gets very uncomfortable as the atheist seems very uneasy about the corner the lady paints him into with her question.

Sam Harris vs Dr. William Lane Craig

In this debate most people agree Dr. William Lane Craig won.  During this debate Harris struggled to show how he could ground his morality in the atheist world view.  This was a highly technical debate but Craig does a great job of showing how Harris's Atheism cannot ground morality at all.

Stevelikes2curse vs ShockofGod Youtube Atheist vs Christian

Audience members agree that ShockofGod won this debate and we are sure you will agree also.  Stevelikes2curse admitted ShockofGod won the debate.   Both Stevelikes2curse (atheist) and ShockofGod (Christian) are respectful to each other and agree on the debate results. 

Funny Clips from Serious Debates

Who said debates are boring.  By now you know they are very entertaining and fun!  This clip highlights some of the funniest knee slapping moments of debates. 

Atheist evolutionist debates Christian Creationists

This is a very long and educational debate about 1 hour long where a Christian debates an atheist evolutionist.  You be the judge on who won?

Christian caller defeats atheist radio host while on Radio Live Call

This is a great little clip of a Christian calling an atheist show.  The atheist mutes the caller as the atheist cannot answer the Christians question.  Finally the atheist panics and hangs up on the caller.  A great audio.

Christian caller debates and defeats 2 atheists at once on Radio show

In this audio call a Christian calls up an atheist radio show and takes on 2 atheists at once.  Although not a long debate it is very funny and the Christian does succeed in getting the atheist to admit they have no evidence that would show atheism is true.   A classic that you may already have heard before but here it is in case you haven't.

Best GOTCHA moment ever in a Debate Christian vs Atheist

In this Debate Dr. William Lane Craig scores the most amazing "GOTCHA" moment that brings the crowd to a thundering roar.  I won't spoil the surprise for you but when you hear the roar of the crowd (as the GOTCHA moment was that powerful) you'll know Dr. Craig hit it out of the park and won this debate.  Even atheists are saying "I have to admit Dr. Craig won this one hands down."

Creation vs Evolution Debate Craig vs Ayala

If you are into the science of Creation or Evolution you will love this debate.  Both debaters (to our surprise) are actually Christians.  Ayala posits that God created and then stepped back and let evolution do its thing.  Dr. William Lane Craig posits a different position and what comes out of this debate causes most viewers to doubt many of the claims of Darwinian evolution. 
     What shocks most people that watch this debate is how much of Darwinian theory is just that.  Unproven theory.   Craig masterfully shows the errors of Darwinism and shows how modern science has already debunked most of what Darwin thought was true...

People are saying this is the best debate ever Christians vs atheists

In this epic debate a group of atheists challenge a group of Christians to debate.  But rather than being silly and entertaining (although part of it were and we love that!) it turns to a deeper issue about loving our fellow man even if they are atheist or Christian and the debate really gets deep.  Many viewers of this video have said it was so awesome they broke down in tears at how well this debate was conducted.
   This debate is in my opinion the best group debate between atheists and Christians. 

God Science and the Big Questions conference

In this Conference (not a debate but they talk about debates here) leading Christian debaters get together and discuss the errors their atheist opponents are making.  Heavy hitters like Dr. William Lane Craig and John Lennox also attend.  Very good and very funny and entertaining.

Funny Debate atheist goes nuts in debate dropping book on table

We like this debate because it's so funny.  In this debate an atheist gets very angry while debating Christian Dr. William Lane Craig and slams the book down on the table for some weird reason.  The atheist goes on to say that "words have no meaning".  A highlight of the debate is when an audience member asks the atheist in debate "Why should we believe you if you say your words in the book have no meaning" lol.  It's very funny..Enjoy!  Please leave your comments on your opinion of the debate below.

The reasons why we created debates on video blog

I started this blog because I had become increasingly fascinated with debates and
debate topics.  As I watched debate after debate it became obvious to me that
this was a way for people to settle their differences and discuss differences
in opinion in a civil way yet interesting and even entertaining way. 
If only wars could be settled with debates? 

Imagine the bloodshed that would be avoided.  I began to have a deep respect for the men and women who are willing to debate because they are willing to put their belief and opinion up to scrutiny
of an opponent but not just that, in front of a large audience.  To me this is
the highest form of civility and kindness to debate an opponent in an open forum.