Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Atheist Dan Barker (half baked) says nothing wrong with Rape proving atheism is evil

Atheist Dan Barker shows how evil atheism is in his shocking debate he jokes about rape and even is such a scum bag that he laughs about it and even supports it.  Just shameful.  No wonder studies show atheists are now officially the least trusted group in society.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Kent Hovind Defeats Aron Ra in debate

In this debate AronRa constantly interrupts Kent Hovind while AronRa claims we are all descendants of pine cones!! LOL   Kent Hovind calls AronRa a moron in debate.  The audience was complaining that AronRa was not letting Kent Hovind speak.  Aronra spoke over Kent Hovind over 4 times the amount Kent Hovind got a chance to talk.  Also AronRa makes the shocking claim that we are all apes lol.  Seriously....this debate was hilarious.