Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Atheist AronRa proves atheism is madness

Aron Ra shocks everybody by claiming he is just chemicals lol!!!

In what shocked even the atheist viewers to this debate Aron Ra says "he is just chemicals and nothing else".  People have questioned Aronra thinking maybe he misspoke but he stands by his bizarre claim that he is just chemicals.  

Aronra loses this debate as you cannot trust chemicals.  Chemicals cannot reason.  Chemicals cannot find truth.  Aronra proved atheism is madness and loses this debate to the Christians who used reason and evidence.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mike Licona debates and defeats Agnostic Matt Dillahunty

Matt Dillahunty is so horrible in this debate that an atheist comes up to the Christian Debater and says he left atheism to become a Christian after listening to the failed arguments of Dillahunty vs the Science, History and facts of Christian Mike Licona.  See that Video of the ex-atheist now a Christian..here

Thursday, April 16, 2020

What happens after the Corona Virus will Shock Everybody you know

Scientists are worried about the Corona virus but what comes after the Corona virus will make the pandemic seem like a little toddler crawling around on the floor all weak and powerless.  Compared to what is happening next....the Corona virus is a little baby.   Everybody you know will be shocked at what is coming to this earth next.  Share this important video with everybody you know and leave your opinion on these future events below.
Let your voice be heard.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The "root cause" of the Disease Atheism surprises Psychologists in 2020


Psychologists were stunned to find a link between atheism and child hood trauma.  Have you ever noticed atheists talk a lot about Santa Claus when discussing the topic of God?  Many atheists on youtube like Matt Dillahunty, TheAmazingatheist, Aronra, Thunderf00t and many others have made videos where they compare their opinion of God to Santa Claus.   

In the video Above we see a good example of "Child hood trauma" causing atheism.  In this sad video Atheist Matt Dillahunty exposes his childhood trauma while cussing and cursing out his parents.  There are many times Matt Dillahunty has obsessed on God while comparing God to Santa Claus.  This is not normal for a grown man to do this. 

If you google "Santa Syndrome" (see videos below) we see grown people obsessing about Santa Claus.  Psychologists believe this stems from child hood trauma when the child found out there is no Santa Claus.  The child then is so traumatized by this, that their parents would lie to them, that they get angry at God.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Matt Dillahunty Disrespects his own parents in crazy breakdown on the show

As people watch The Atheist experience show they have been commenting on how angry they are and how rude they are.  Again and again Matt Dillahunty and the hosts of  The Atheist Experience show fail THE SHOCKOFGOD CHALLENGE and now it has been over 11 years.

Many people have sent this video to us where in a bizarre episode Matt Dillahunty (As you can see in his face) breaks the commandment "Honor your mother and father" in a violent raging tirade against the people that actually gave Matt Dillahunty his very life.  His parents.

Studies show that most Atheists are actually under 18 years old and have some kind of parent child problem they have never worked out.  Many  of us "grow out of that" but here Matt Dillahunty shows he still has some psychological issues that he still has to work out.  In our opinion and the opinion of the masses.  Matt needs to quit bashing God and turn back to respecting his parents and turn back to God.

Keep Matt Dillahunty in your prayers as it appears he's getting worse and worse psychologically.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

John Lennox Demolishes Christopher Hitchens in debate and Crowd agrees by vote

After a very bad defeat to much wiser Christian opponent, John Lennox, a visually bruised and battered and humbled Christopher Hitchens admits defeat (See video below).  Hitchens demanded a vote to be taken before the debate and after the debate. 

After the debate the audience noted that "Hitchens failed to prove that atheism was accurate and correct" yet John Lennox proved that God exists.   The humble victor Lennox is to the right below.  He smiled ear to ear in humble victory knowing that he just proved that..."Atheism is madness."