Tuesday, February 23, 2016

John Lennox vs Lawrence Krauss

In this debate audiences were shocked to here that Lawrence Krauss either woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning or something got him very defensive and grouchy.  Many times the moderator has to step in to calm him down.  After listening to this debate many people are calling Lawrence Krauss "The Mad Scientist" as he comes off mad and crazy in this debate.
    What could have been a meaningful debate is constantly turned into a school boy taunt as Lawrence Krauss unprofessional way of debating and childish personality ruins what could have been a substantive debate.  John Lennox at least is reasonable to listen to and you can tell he's trying to keep Krauss on track and stay on the topic.  Always a gentleman Lennox uses Science and Logic and "what we know about science" to show great evidences of God.
     The debate gets really ugly when Lennox politely talks about the errors in Krauss book, where Krauss said "Nothing created everything".   You can tell Lennox is not the only one that has brought this scientific error to Krauss's attention and Krauss doesn't even try to hide his anger at this.  He lashes out even causing the moderator to try to get Krauss back into some kind of normalcy.   The debate is 1/2 reason and science (when Lennox talks) and the other 1/2 his school play yard anger and whining (on Krauss part).
    Many people are saying Krauss is an embarrassment to science and this is from the atheist side!  Sadly we have to agree with them and John Lennox wins this debate hands down staying on topic while Krauss comes off well...like they are saying...Like a Mad Scientist.

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