Friday, February 12, 2016

Crowd Laughs at Richard Dawkins fear to debate Dr. William Lane Craig

In this hilarious video Dr. William Lane Craig "Eastwoods" the cowardly lion of atheism..."Richard Dawkins."   Richard Dawkins is out on the debate circuit saying "Put em up...put em up" like the cowardly lion from Oz yet when Dr. William Lane Craig requests to debate Richard Dawkins, RICHARD DAWKINS COWERED.

Everybody has lost any ounce of respect for Dawkins as his cowardice and refusal to debate really makes atheism look bad.  However that being said it leads to a lot of fun.  What is really interesting to find out is that Dr. William Lane Craig is actually very funny.  I got a great ab work out laughing so hard at this video.  If you listen closely you can hear a grinding sound....that would be Richard Dawkins teeth as he sit and cowers in anger as thousands of people (this was filmed live in front of an audience) are laughing around the world.
I think Richard Dawkins should do a 1 on 1 debate (they never have done one as Dawkins is scared) with Dr. Craig.  Everybody knows Craig would win but at least it would add to more credibility to Dawkins but the fact that Dawkins refuses seems like he's actually terrified and panicky.
To see our top debate John Lennox vs the Mad Scientist Lawrence Krauss you can watch it here in all its hilarity.

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