Monday, February 29, 2016

Agnostic Aron Ra loses debate to Christian Bob Dutko who gets a KO

Aron Ra goes ape in this debate as Mr. Dutko gets a KO on Aron ra and knocks him out in the first round of this debate.  Aron Ra is challenged to provide proof and evidence that would show atheism is accurate and correct but Aron panics on radio and starts saying 'We are all apes' and rambles on about evolution.  Aron Ra is known for being a "one trick pony" only talking about evolution until you are dying of boredom.
    Bob however is refreshing and kind and keeps Aron focused on answering the question.  But the debate takes a turn for the worse as Aron goes Ape (literally) in debate and once he gets backed into the corner even Bob says to Aron "Aron you are acting all crazy because you are backed into a corner" and suddenly in a spooky weird way Aron Ra says "Nobody backs me into a corner!" and it gets weird.  The debate is very entertaining but if you are atheist or agnostic you won't like this.  Bob Dutko gets a ko...a big Knock Out in this debate and wins this one by a mile.

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