Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dress wearing atheist Matt Dillahunty loses to manly man Christian Cliff Knechtle

In this debate Matt Dillahunty seems out of his league.  Cliff Knechtle dominates the debate with fast logic and common sense but Matt Dillahunty never seems to get his sea legs and seems wobbly right from the start.  Cliff immediately pulls no punches and gets Matt Dillahunty to admit that God may in fact exist. 
    Later in the Q&A section Matt says "I don't know" to many easy softball questions making him out to be agnostic and not atheist.  I think Matt is more comfortable on the cable show where he can hang up on callers or talk over them and control the conversation and guide it his way to where he looks right but in a fair debate he has always lost.  We were hoping Matt Dillahunty would put up some arguments for atheism but instead he backslides to admitting he is agnostic and the whole debate on his side comes off wishy washy.
    Cliffe brings up ShockofGod's masterful question "What evidence do you have that would show atheism is true?....and Matt stumbles, stammers and fails miserably and tries to avoid THE QUESTION   But Cliffe asks again and the crowd even laughs at Matt as they see he is in a pickle.  You kind of feel sorry for Dillahunty as Cliffe totally destroys him in a bad way here.  Matt nervously moves around on the stool (which seems too tiny for him I don't know why they didn't get a big chair) when asked to answer THE QUESTION but alas...he never can and Cliffe scores a knock out punch as Matt evades.   Very painful to watch but it does make for a memorable debate moment that is why we have it here.
     Cliffe on the other hand dominates and is on point every time.  You can tell Cliffe is not new to the debate circuit and is very skilled.  Cliffe actually brings up arguments for his side while Dillahunty is all over the place.  This was an easy win for Cliffe and Matt Dillahunty even admitted he lost this debate later on.  Well we give Matt credit for admitting the truth.  Truth is, Cliffe made Matt "tap out" on the ground within the first 10 minutes.  A great debate if you are a Christian.  If you are agnostic you won't like this. 

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