Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christopher Hitchens vs Dr. William Lane Craig

When Christopher Hitchens and Dr. Craig met it was like the top Christian debater vs the top atheist debater.  During Hitchens opening comments he was entertaining and great to listen to.  Same thing with Dr. Craig.  However it all falls apart for Hitchens when he starts running from Dr. Craigs question.   Even Commonsenseatheism (An atheist blog) admits Craig won this debate.  In a brilliant move Craig gets Hitchens to admit either he is agnostic or atheist.
     Hitchens trys to run from the question but Craig goes in for the kill and finally pins Hitchens down when Hitchens says he is atheist and God can't exist.  In that moment Hitchens made a truth claim and now has to back it up.  This is where Craig takes control of the debate and Hitchens hits the mat for the knock out punch.  Atheists were very upset at Hitchens failure to bring arguments to this debate.  It seems like Craig was prepared for the debate but Hitchens spent most of his time talking bad about Islam and other things which wasn't even the topic of the debate.  Craig wins this one.

UPDATE: After this debate Richard Dawkins began to cower from any 1 vs 1 debate with Craig.  Even Sam Harris has stated that and we quote him "Dr. Craig has put the fear of God into some of my atheist colleagues".

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