Thursday, January 28, 2016

Antony Flew atheist (He later admits God exists on video) vs Dr. William Lane Craig

This debate was done before Antony Flew left atheism.  If you look for a video by Lee Strobel he actually interviews the late great Flew right before he dies and Flew admits that there has to be a God for all this order and design in the world.  This confession shocked the atheist community and many atheists denied it saying it was a theistic rumor that was started but when video was produced all atheists could do was admit that he left atheism and admitted God does exist.  

UPDATE: We believe Flew left atheism after debating extremely intelligent theists like Dr. William Lane Craig.  Flew had a deep respect for his wisdom and kindness and respect during their debates and many believe this made Flew look closer at what his Christian opponent was stating.  Sure enough Flew eventually admitted that there is a God.

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