Thursday, January 28, 2016

Austin Dacey vs Dr. William Lane Craig

Austin Dacey can have his cake and eat it too in this debate folks.  However Dr. William Lane Craig walks away with an easy win here as he defeats the "cake obsessing" Austin Dacey.  In a very weird debate (this is why we like it! never boring with these debates) the atheist tries to say that because there is no cake in the kitchen therefore God doesn't exist lol.  I am not making this up folks.

Viewers of this debate are saying Dacey is guilty of Strawman syndrome big time in this debate.  Dacey talks about an imaginary cake someone said they are going to bake but if you don't see broken egg shells and you don't smell cake there is no cake.   The audience seems to laugh a bit through this debate but I think it is at...Dacey not ..with...Dacey.  Rather than give arguments against God's existence Dacey is guilty of the strawman argument.  Craig wins this one.

UPDATE: Craig and Dacey get along great and debated again and this time Dacey left his Betty Crocker cake mix at home lol.  I think he his learning from his past debates that "The cake makes him lose."

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