Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Christian Dinesh D'Souza debates & defeats David Silverman atheist

In this debate David Silverman comes off very mean and angry at Christianity yet he never presents a reason "why" someone should be against it.  Being the one trick pony that David Silverman is he uses the same old and boring arguments against God.  David comes off angry that God doesn't support homosexuality, or abortion but as usual with these Debates the Christian comes off very intelligent.

The Christian is Dinesh D'Souza and he is very polished and skilled as a debater stating facts and providing actual proof and evidence for his claims.  However David comes off as all over the place never really explaining why atheism is better than Christianity?

In the Debate David messes up and quotes atheistic countries as being better but when we looked up the suicide rates they were a lot higher than other normal countries.  Dinesh is very interesting to listen to and he wins this debate by a mile.

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