Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dr. William Lane Craig vs Sam "ho-hum" Harris

In this debate Sam Harris bores the audience to tears as he rambles on about vomit (yes I kid you not) and compares morality to a chess move on a chess board.  Dr. Craig points out that what Sam Harris is really doing is trying to "re-define" morality as good moves on a chess board...but Craig easily points out Harris's error.
    Craig correctly points out that a wrong move in chess is not evil nor is a good move good in the sense of a moral good.  The reviewers of Sam Harris's book pulled no punches when in many words they said "Sam Harris" book is not rational and doesn't follow reason and logic.  Craig very eloquently destroys Sam Harris in this debate or as he is known now "Sam Ho-Hum Harris" as his speaking is so boring that if it wasn't for Craig I think the entire audience would have died of boredom and Sam Harris vomit stories.

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