Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. William Lane Craig vs Kevin Scharp

In this debate Dr. William Lane Craig wins easily.  Kevin Scharp doesn't even bring arguments to the debate.  The topic was evidence for or against God's existence.  Although Craig does bring arguments and evidence for God...Scharp doesn't bring any arguments against God but messes up in the debate and only complains about Craig's evidence.
        As we all know in debate you must bring arguments and debunk your opponents arguments.  Scharp not only fails to debunk any of Craig's arguments but he forgot to bring arguments for his side.  In a weird moment Scharp just shows charts and expresses how he is for Gay Marriage which wasn't even the topic of the debate.
     Craig doesn't even have to debunk any arguments as Scharp didn't bring any.  Let's say Scharp wasn't sharp at all.  The best part of the debate is at the end.  Audience members ask questions and even the audience realizes Scharp lost the debate as they ask him "Where is your evidence" and Scharp has none.

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